Announcing Switch 1.7 for BlackBerry

This new version of Switch, our highly-rated time-tracking app for BlackBerry, is a quality-focused release, and includes several importance product improvements as follows:

Issue: Under certain, rare circumstances, Switch would refuse to close, requiring a device reset.
Resolution: The source of this issue was identified and corrected. Additional enhancements were made to ensure that it is always possible to close the app.

Issue: Due to improper handling of categories associated with tasks, reports would not display correct information when certain categories were selected in the program options.
Resolution: An issue with the way category information was updated in the program database was identified and corrected. This resolved the category-related report issues.

Issue: For CSV report files, the values in the duration field were represented as whole days only.
Resolution: The duration field values can now include fractional day values as well.

Issue: On certain BlackBerry devices with BBM 5.0 installed, some BBM 6.0 modules may be present. This caused Switch to incorrectly determine that BBM 6.0 was installed. Subsequent attempts to communicate with BBM 6.0 would result in program hangs.
Resolution: The BBM version detection functionality was enhanced to handle this unusual situation.

Issue: The BBM Integration program option would not save correctly.
Resolution: The option now saves properly, so BBM integration can be enabled/disabled as desired.

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