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Switch is a BlackBerry smartphone app for managing work-related tasks and for tracking the time spent on those tasks. It is geared toward professionals who need to track their time for billing or project management purposes. This article is part of a series providing tips & tricks for maximizing the power of Switch.

Switch is now a BBM Connected application. This means it can use the BBM network to provide a variety of useful social features. Before you can use these features however, you must meet the following requirements:

  • BBM version 6.0 or higher installed
  • An existing BBM user account
  • Switch version 1.6 or higher installed
  • Switch connected to BBM

When you run Switch the first time, if BBM 6 is present you will be prompted to connect Switch to BBM. If for some odd reason you choose not to connect it, Switch will continue to prompt for a connection each time it is started. To suppress this prompt, in the Options screen, set BBM Integration to Disabled.

After choosing to connect Switch to BBM, you will see BBM go through a few steps to establish the connection. In some cases, you may need to restart Switch or even your BlackBerry device to complete the connection set up process. This setup process will only need to be repeated under unusual circumstances such as removing and reinstalling Switch. Once the setup process is complete, you will see the message below.

One of the great social features of a BBM connected Switch is the ability to share information about what you are working on in Switch. Once this option is enabled, any of your BBM contacts will be able to see this information by viewing your Contact Profile in BBM. To enable this functionality, open the BBM app and choose Options from the menu. Locate the BBM Connected Applications section on the Options screen as shown below, and press the Edit button next to Application Access.

Next, locate Switch in the list of BBM Connected Applications and press the Edit button on that row as shown below.

On the Switch Settings screen, make sure the Connect to BBM option is set to Connected, and check the box next to the Post recent activities to my profile option. Save the changes and close out of Options.

Now when you or one of your BBM contacts views your Contact Profile in BBM, a Switch profile box with recent activity information will appear as shown below. If the BBM Contact viewing the profile does not have Switch installed, a box with a yellow arrow will appear allowing them to download the app from App World. Your contacts do not have to install Switch in order to see the recent activity updates, but they will need to install it if they wish to post their own activity updates.

As you work in Switch, completing and switching tasks, those activities will automatically post to your profile. Each time a new activity is posted, a notification icon will appear next to Recent Updates on the main BBM screen as shown here.

Pressing Recent Updates will display a list of BBM contacts that have profile updates. Under each contact will appear the applications that have posted updates. Below you can see how this appears when Switch posts an activity on a contact’s profile. Pressing the Switch app row will open that contact’s profile to view the details in the Switch profile box.

BBM profile updating is just one of the great new BBM-enabled features in Switch. I’ll discuss some of the other social aspects of Switch in an upcoming article.

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