Announcing Switch 1.5 for BlackBerry

SwitchOSoSLO is proud to announce the release of Switch 1.5 for BlackBerry, our top-rated time-tracking app for BlackBerry smartphones.

This new version includes several new features and enhancements:

  • HTML reports are now attached to emails, providing a nicely formatted alternative to the plain-text email report.
  • CSV files containing raw report data are also attached to emails, allowing you more flexibility in working with your time-tracking data.
  • Summary reports can now span multiple time periods with an overall report for the entire time range, and sub-reports for individual time periods.
  • A new time-based report is now available from the Task Switch History screen. This report shows the chronological sequence of tasks and their durations along with any comments written when each task was completed. This report can span any number of days.
  • Task activities recorded as calendar events are now marked as “free” instead of “busy” to avoid potential conflicts with appointments and meetings.
  • Improved product activation process with automatic look-up of unlock code.

About Daniel Brannon

Daniel Brannon founded OSoSLO in 2009 to provide software tools and services for business and technology professionals.
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